3 Fitness Aids a Personal Trainer Might Recommend

There can be no one better approach than to ask a personal trainer about the kinds of fitness aids that are likely to benefit you. So, we shall explore just which ones they might recommend to us and why.


Skipping Rope

A skipping rope represents one of the simplest yet most effective pieces of exercise equipment that you can introduce into your fitness regime. It is the perfect cardio workout exercise as it increases the heart rate and so keeps your heart healthy. Also, it improves concentration, boosts mental health, improves coordination, and increases stamina. Not only that, it helps keep the body flexible and will strengthen bones. We must be asking ourselves now why we stopped skipping after we left junior school.

So, how long should we skip for? Well, about 30-minutes each session is plenty. During this time you can expect to have burned between 300 and 400 calories. Perhaps, even more, depending on your weight.

This means that for not much money, a skipping rope can be purchased that will then form a large part of your fitness session. You could use other equipment, perhaps dumbbells or a bench press to build and tone your upper-body muscles. The skipping rope, though, will have ticked off the cardiovascular activity and will have contributed a great deal to improving your overall fitness.


Exercise Mat

This might not seem very technical, but a soft mat specially designed for exercise will encourage you to take some. It can be used for warm-up exercises, star jumps perhaps, and press-ups. The advantage of these mats is that they are specially made for comfort and to avoid slipping and injury while carrying out exercises.

Mats that are used for yoga are generally thinner, typically no more than an inch thick, and sometimes as thin as a quarter of an inch. As with all fitness mats, they must provide the person exercising with a non-slip surface. For high-impact exercises, a thicker mat must be used.

From a fitness or health point of view, yoga will help ease back pain and help with arthritis. It will improve our strength, flexibility, and balance. It will also help to relax us and lighten our mood. So, it is a wonderful way of managing stress. As part of a yoga group, there will a supportive community to be a part of while carrying out this kind of exercise. It is something which is good for your body and your mind and only needs a thin exercise mat to perform it on. This can then be rolled up and stored easily after the activity.


Training Stopwatch

It is important to know how long you are spending on each activity so that you keep everything in moderation. You do not want to overwork your body. A little and often is best. It is regular exercise that benefits us the most. With a stopwatch, you can better time individual activities so that you are not spending too long on any one thing. Then, when it comes to the end of your session you will also finish on time because you have kept to the individual times on each exercise.

In terms of training stopwatch features, those that display a split lap time are useful. A good stopwatch, or chronograph, will time a run in hours, minutes, seconds, and fractions of a second. Cheaper models will use a start/stop and lap button. The latter pauses the display without stopping the clock to allow you to check your time at a certain point as well as at the end of a lap or after several laps.

When training in the dark, a backlight is essential for you to see the display. A cord to hang the stopwatch around your neck means that you always have it to hand and to refer to when checking out your performances during a race.


No fancy equipment then, just basic items that you really should not be without when training to improve your fitness. A skipping rope, as used by boxers, will keep you fit, a training mat will encourage all kinds of exercises that will contribute further to fitness, and a training stopwatch will stop you from over-exerting yourself by carrying on with activities for longer than the recommended amount of time. It is far better to exercise regularly than to have one long session.