The Latest Eco-friendly Fashion Trends In 2020

There is a huge focus on going green and using environmentally sustainable products among consumers these days. The fashion industry has not been spared in this trend too. Interestingly, the industry has shown significant growth in the number of brands interested in going green while meeting their customers’ fashion interests.

It is now becoming more affordable for people to buy sustainable clothing and more mainstream stores like Macy’s and Target are selling eco-friendly options. Due to the fact they’re currently harder to manufacture, the price tag of these clothes tends to be a bit higher than the alternatives but it’s definitely worth spending a bit more on them. Plus, you can visit to see if there are any coupon codes that can help make them a bit cheaper!

2021 is still quite young, and if you are a fashion lover like me, you must be looking out for the latest fashion trends that are also environmentally friendly. If your interests match mine, then I have some great news to share with you. In 2021 there are many sustainable fashion trends that will enable me to buy products that find that delicate balance between meeting my fashion needs and protecting the environment. Whether you want to buy some trendy sustainable socks or a new dress, there are lots of options for ethical fashion!

Fabric Innovation

The global plastic binge has had huge negative impacts not only on oceans and beautiful beaches but also on animals in the wild. Fortunately, some Ethical Fashion companies have seen the effects and are formulating measures on how to deal with the same. Some of the most popular strategies that these companies have put in place include recycling used plastic bottles and innovating fabrics to be used in the industry.

An Italian firm named Aquafil, for instance, developed a fabric known as Econyl, which is an excellent substitute for nylon. While nylon is a very popular fabric in the fashion industry, it is not sustainable, making Econyl a great option. Econyl is recyclable, and it is regenerated from materials like fish nets and turns them into textile products like nylon. In addition to saving the oceans and beaches, this fabric also mitigates the growing demand for nylon. Leather has always been a vital part of the fashion industry. Aquafil has branches in the US, and the next time I am getting a carpet for my office, I plan to get one from them. To debunk the growing need for the same, Pinatext has made a huge move to use pineapple leaves to minimize the unsustainable footprint created by leather.

Sustainable Fashion Is Fair Fashion

Every 1 out of 6 people across the world today work in the fashion industry, and 80% of the entire workforce are women. On the other hand, clothes can only be sustainable if the workers that produced the clothes are paid fair wages. With the meager earnings that these employees get, this translates to modern-day slavery unless we are willing to pay more for the outfits we pay. In 2021 we will see the rise of sustainable fashion brands that are vocal about their social commitments on paying fair wages and participating in corporate social responsibility. For instance, Rubymoon invests all their profits from selling clothes in availing business loans for women and works with to train female entrepreneurs and equip them with the necessary tools to eradicate poverty. These are two companies that I would gladly buy their products from because I believe in the causes they are putting their money into. If you’re into sustainable fashion, you could also consider buying from an upcycled clothing store or a charity shop.

The Rise of Reuse

Despite being considered a fashion faux pas in the past, second-hand clothing stores are slowly regaining their glory. This is due to celebrities, influencers, and other fashion experts making second-hand clothes cool. When we are all fighting waste and saving the environment, second-hand clothes and stores are a god-sent not just in 2021 but also in years to come. There are so many platforms that ease online shopping for these outfits, including Depop, ASOS, eBay, and Boutique Sellers, and many others.

There is also a rise in upcycling. Upcycling involves transforming waste materials, by-products, and unwanted products into useful materials or high-quality products. Upcycling can give my old outfit a new design without changing how it fits me.

Renting Clothes

Renting clothes is not a new trend. Instead of splurging money on the latest designer clothes, I can instead rent a cool party outfit or even an office outfit. By doing so, I would have saved money and reduced my carbon footprint. After I am done with the dress, I can return it to the site, and another person will rent it. Also, I can do all this through various online renting services.

If you have always wanted to go green yet not compromise your clothing choices too much then I hope the above information has been helpful.