4 Different Fitness Positions to Adopt

To keep fit, there are many cardiovascular exercises that we can consider. They all keep the heart pumping and so help keep it healthy. Other exercises will develop muscles and so make us stronger and look and feel fitter. We shall, in this article, explore four different positions or situations that we can get ourselves in that will help to keep us healthy in terms of our cardiovascular fitness.



The most common of the cardiovascular exercises is running. This can be outdoors or indoors on a treadmill.

To compare the two, treadmills will offer much better shock absorption than pavements will. This will mean a lot less stress on your knees and ankles. On a treadmill, you also run at an incline set by yourself which may not always be possible outside depending on where you are running. This will build your strength and endurance whether or not there are hills outside. Running downhill is not that good for you because it can be hard on your body. Also, with a treadmill, you can avoid wet and cold weather.



If you are looking to reduce or control your weight, then cycling is a way that you can achieve it. This is because cycling will raise your metabolic rate, and in doing so, burn body fat and build muscle. Cycling should be combined with eating healthily. Research conducted in Britain has demonstrated that riding for half an hour per day will burn off almost 5kg during a year.



Swimming is a good way to give your whole body a cardiovascular workout. After one hour of swimming, you will have burned off as many calories as if you had gone on a run. The advantage, though, is that it will have meant less impact on your joints and bones. This makes swimming a low-impact way of keeping fit.

You can swim in swimming baths, at a health complex or gym, in your home pool, or outdoors. So, there are plenty of places where you can swim to keep fit. Some might think that swimming is an exercise only feasible during the summers, but if you have a pool where you can get an inground pool heat pump installed, you will be able to continue your workouts during the cold winter as well. Those contemplating outdoor swimming might also need to purchase a wetsuit. In addition, no need to worry about swimming in the midst of fish, slimy vegetation, or insects. You will need to have become a competent and strong swimmer before considering it, by having put in plenty of time in other swimming situations first. It is a wonderful way to engage with nature, though.


Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercise can be low or high intensity depending on the process that generates the energy. By definition, it involves requiring free oxygen to meet the energy demands during the exercise, which is achieved via metabolism.

An example an aerobic exercise is aerobic swimming. This involves improving the body’s ability to perform the swimming strokes more efficiently by using less energy. Improving your aerobic fitness will lead to you being able to repeat higher quality swims and so become not just a faster swimmer but one that achieves it with less effort.

Other aerobic exercises include running and cycling as mentioned and also rowing, cross-country skiing, in-line skating, and exercising via an elliptical machine or stair-climber. Instead of running a similar aerobic exercise could be jogging or hiking.


In summary, for a cardiovascular workout that will improve our fitness, we can look towards running, cycling, or swimming, and then turn that into an aerobic exercise. A healthy balanced diet is important to adopt alongside exercise so that we eat everything in moderation and avoid foods that are bad for us. Our exercise sessions should be carried out regularly rather than us have fewer longer sessions. In the case of running, we should consider that wherever we run to, we will also want to run back, so should consider planning routes that are circular.